Game developers by day and gamers by night

We’ve been creating games for 19 years and we can say with confidence we’re good at it. We are creators, innovators, colleagues and friends who take our work very seriously, but not ourselves as we do it.

Life at RedLynx

United We Stand, Together We Sit

We are over 150 great minds and beautiful souls who imagine, create and play together. We wouldn’t want to go to work if we didn’t like our work, but we do like to go to work, so that’s saying something. We have more than 15 000 Ubisoft friends all over the world so the dancefloor is always full in our parties. We like to push each other to be our best, and also be there when someone trips over. Sort of what a family does.

Think big, make, repeat

A wise lynx once said ’there is a fine line between madness and genius’. We’ve achieved great things by being daring, and we´ll definitely keep doing so. Crazy ideas and impossible missions are a part of our day-to-day life. At RedLynx creativity is embraced, encouraged and yes, sometimes going absolutely off the rails.

Making games & breaking hearts since 2000

As a game studio that was established in the year 2000 and that’s done over 100 games for all major platforms, we’ve been around the block enough times to know what we do, and excel at it. We are experienced artists, programmers and other professionals of various crafts who take great pride in our handiwork. If it’s not something we’d want to see or play, then we do something better. We don’t just #wejustworkhere, we commit to our place of work like a squirrel commits to nuts.

Our studio

Mobile + Console + PC Together in perfect harmony

We have both console/PC game development and mobile game development under one roof. It’s a not too common combination, but one which we absolutely cherish. We get to work with both worlds, learn from them and share all we know with the other teams.

In addition to the game teams, we have our own marketing and BI teams as well as support function teams making sure the studio runs like a well-oiled machine.

Our people

Check out our tasty crew

We’re over 150 brilliant people from 21 nationalities and all disciplines of the games industry. Hover over the images below to get to know us!


Studio General Manager

I’m Joonas, the manager of the studio. I joined RedLynx already in 2003, but still excited to come to work every day!



I’m Mikko, producer on the console team. I love excel and kitesurfing. In that order.


Associate Live Ops Manager

When I was a kid I wanted to be a sheriff. Turns out, my country doesn’t have sheriffs so I became a game developer instead. Close enough.


Creative Director

Time is a drug. Too much of it kills you.
Adventures of imagination tend to upset those without.


Expert Online Programmer

We all live in real-time world and I make real-time multiplayer! I believe I am a magician to interconnect the universe!


HR Specialist

One of the guardians of the RedLynx family and an eternal cat and pun lover. Swift like the wind 😉


Community Developer

I’m Buck, please don’t ask me to do anything before I’ve had my coffee



In case you were wondering, Nacho is a real name, and I wasn’t named after any food (although I love nachos). I love playing games and, of course, keeping them alive!

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