We are the Reset Generation. We grew up with computers and video games.


Inviting to play and unfairly addictive, this fast-paced, multiplayer puzzle game is just what the children that grew up with computers and videogames have been waiting for. Reset Generation is Nokia's next-generation N-Gage Gaming Platform's title tour de force: The world's first videogame about videogames.


Every player has a hero: Choose one of ten legendary champions from the high-score halls of videogame lore. Plumber? Hedgehog? Level 50 Elf? Or maybe you'd prefer a dual sub-machinegun-wielding Cyborg? They're all here, and they're all ready to rescue ...


Every player has a princess. Players must guide their heroes to rescue other players' princesses. Princesses are everything in Reset Generation: Lose your princess and it's Game Over, man.


Build a combo road to other heroes' castles by dropping puzzle blocks. Fire your cannons to defend your own castle from your opponents' puzzle blocks. Grab legendary items - like the Biggest Freakin' Gun Possible (BFGP) - to lay the smack on approaching heroes. Zip along your puzzle-block-road and unleash your hero's special power to rescue the princess!


Reset Generation is a fractured fairy-tale where anything can happen. Reset Generation is a sleek homage where every pixel is stylized, significant. Reset Generation is the game of decades - the entire game is one big Easter Egg, ready to delight players again and again. Reset Generation: For the love of gaming.

  • The world's first game about video games
  • Reset Generation, named for the children that grew up with computers and video games, is bright, colorful and joyfully celebratory of all things videogames
  • Nokia boasts Reset Generation has the highest production values of any mobile title ever created
  • One of The Guardian's "Most Promising Games" for 2008 and #2 on Pocket Gamer's Ten for 2008
  • Ten beautifully hand-animated heroes by celebrity concept artists, representing the pantheon of videogame history, each with their own unique super power.
  • Two types of gameplay: Single Player Story Mode and Online Multiplayer Mode.
  • Single-Player Story Mode encompasses 18 single-player missions (including game tutorial), is given texture by 27 humorous cut-scene animations and brought to life with over one-thousand lines of voice dialog.
  • Online Multiplayer Mode consists of up-to four-player global online action with one-click matchmaking.

"The most cleverly designed, most addictive, and most hard-to-quickly-describe puzzle game in ages."

    –PC World

"Kicks some major, old-school, princess-saving, pipe-traversing ass."

   –Game Revolution

"One of the most vibrant and dynamic action/strategy games in recent memory."
   – EDGE


Developer: RedLynx

Publisher: Nokia

Game Status: Legacy

Release Date: August 14, 2008

No. of Players: 1-4