World War II in Southern Europe, 1943: the struggle for Europe is at a critical point. Special Forces are urgently needed, and you're going to lead a platoon of them. But be prepared for full immersion: one look at the painstakingly researched uniforms, weapon types, and locations, and you'll be itching to get on the battlefield.

Pathway to Glory is a turn-based strategy game for the N-Gage. With intuitive controls and nearly innumerable variables in gameplay, Pathway to Glory is like any great game – it takes a moment to learn, and a lifetime to master. Pathway to Glory is built to deliver more depth in detail, emotion, and playing experience than any other mobile game made before. You’ve never seen a strategy game like this on a phone before!

  • Historical accuracy: WWII consultants worked on the game to ensure historically accurate missions, ranging from search and destroy to reconnaissance to transporting vitally needed materials
  • Attention to detail: The making of Pathway to Glory took more than 800 different sprites for highly detailed graphics, 100 in-game illustrations, thousands of real-world photographs of locations, and 16 in-game languages – even motion-capturing 160 Finnish soldiers for awesomely authentic troop movement and behavior.
  • Pick your poison: A stunning range of weaponry is at your disposal, including tanks, planes (if you call in an air strike), and anything usable you can find on the battlefield. However, the more your soldiers carry, the slower they'll be.
  • Turn-based strategy with non-stop action: Each round, you'll get action points to move your troops into position and give orders – but that doesn't mean you have to just sit and wait for the round to finish! Save some points for your defensive moves, and you'll be able to react when you're taking a beating.
  • Brothers in arms: Each of your soldiers can gain experience, new skills, and weapons – even medals – and they each have a distinct personality. Top it off with realistic voice acting, and you're about to get emotionally attached to a whole platoon of characters
  • Persistent destruction: Every object on the battlefield is destructible – and once it's destroyed, it stays destroyed.
  • Find out where you stand: the push of a button gives you a bird's eye view so you can quickly regain control of a precarious situation
  • Multiplayer options the N-Gage was made for: Go against another player using the same phone with the Hot Seat option, or connect via Bluetooth technology and go head-to-head. Tweak soldier skill level, number of opponents, and other variables to keep the challenge interesting.
  • Global warfare: Connect to the N-Gage Arena for multiplayer warfare in the global community – plus you can chat with other players and see your global ranking. Fight cooperatively with another player's platoon against a common enemy, and be ready to move when they radio over for backup.

“[Pathway to Glory] stands out as one of the best the N-Gage has to offer.”
   –Avery Score, Gamespot

Pathway to Glory is an exceptional mobile gaming experience that demonstrates the developer's serious attention to all aspects of game design.”
   –Albert Art,

Platforms N-Gage

Developer: RedLynx

Publisher: Nokia

Game Status: Legacy

Release Date: November 17, 2004

No. of Players: 1-6