Ovi Maps Racing is the first location-based mobile game for Nokia touch screen smartphones. In the game, players can use their real world location to create a fantasy race track based on fun.
Utilizing actual map data and GPS technology from their mobile device, players first create a race track based on the streets in their vicinity, whether at home or in the office. They can then race, using their own touch screen tracks, with easy and enjoyable touch controls and three different cars to choose from.
In addition to creating their own tracks, players can race in offline mode with the available in-game maps. The game includes twenty pre-defined tracks and global high scores in well-known European cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam and London. Ovi Maps Racing is available for download in the Ovi Store for all Nokia touch screen devices.
  • Custom track creation.
  • Uses real world location data.
  • Touch screen controls
  • Three cars to choose from
  • Global high scores
  • Twenty built-in tracks

Platforms Nokia


Developer: RedLynx

Publisher: Nokia

Game Status: Legacy

Release Date: February 2, 2010