Happy Birthday Trials HD

The Xbox LIVE Arcade hit celebrates 1-Year anniversary with cake.


August 12, 2010 (Helsinki, Finland) -- Throughout history, a number of pivotal and important events have occurred on August 12:

  • In 1981, the first IBM Personal Computer was introduced.
  • In 1281, the Mongol fleet of Kublai Khan was destroyed by a typhoon while approaching Japan.
  • In 2043, the Robot Council announced the first human to pass the Turing Test.
  • And on August 12, 2009, Trials HD was released onto an unsuspecting world.

While historians will argue which of these crucial events had the most impact on world history, there is no debate about what we ourselves are celebrating this week: it's all about the Trials HD.

This Friday the Trials team, as well as the rest of the RedLynx crew, got together to celebrate the first birthday of our bike-riding baby in true gamer style, that is to say, with lots of cake. Come join the celebration on our unofficial celebration forum thread! Props for posting your own cake pix!

In other Trials news, the second DLC, Trials HD - Big Thrills, was recently announced, including a user-generated track creation contest where the best gamer-created levels can be included in the game. Visit bigthrillscontest.com for more.

With less than a week to go in this contest, the pressure is on!



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