Live out your fantasy with Monster Trucks Nitro II as you drive big-engine, 4-wheel drive beasts over enormous obstacle courses. The game rolls out advanced game physics, breathtaking 3D graphics, more trucks, all new levels, and global high scores. Monster Trucks Nitro II is the adrenaline-fueled, action-packed, heart-thumping sequel to's worldwide best-seller, Monster Trucks Nitro.
  • New Monster Trucks: Pickup, 6-Wheel ATV, Rocket and MAC.
  • Fully dynamic, three-dimensional environments: Wreck cars, demolish track structures, run over trees; destroy everything in your way!
  • Twenty thrilling tracks: Three different sprint levels for each.
  • Connect and compete: Player Achievements, Friends Leagues and Global Scoreboards
  • Bigger and better: Experience bigger sounds and more spectacular crashes on the latest iPhone and iPod Touch devices!
"This game is EPIC. Natural pick for iPhone, and really excels and improves upon the original, both graphically and in gameplay."
"Monster Trucks Nitro 2 has impressive graphics, loads of content to play through, and an over the top fun factor that makes it a recommended purchase."
"Monster Trucks Nitro 2 is a whole scooping of fun and definitely a must try for anyone's iDevice. Just pure explosive fun that knows how to keep your pinned to the screen."



Developer: RedLynx

Publisher: RedLynx/Miniclip

Game Status: Out Now!

Release Date: April 8, 2010