A totally new and compelling way to race on the iPhone: draw your racing line and speed. Race your way to the top of the global leaderboards!
DrawRace introduces a completely new type of game-and control mechanics, which will keep you hooked time after time. Try to draw the best possible driving path and the optimal speed for the path – and watch how fast you are able to race through the tracks.
Keep improving your times as you find the best way to pass the tracks. In the end, only your skills decide how high you can climb.
In addition to 20 fun and challenging tracks, you can also race against players around the globe in network mode – or if you are playing with your friends, you can immediately see who has the best racing tactics in an exciting hot-seat multiplayer mode.
  • Totally new controls: Never before seen "Draw and Drive" system.
  • Realistic driving model: Skidding, braking and gas controls
  • Lots of tracks: 20 unique racing tracks for all the game modes
  • Single player fun: Race against the computer, your own best times or your closest rival in the global and national leagues.
  • Multiplayer fun: Challenge other drivers anywhere around the globe.
  • Top the charts: Global and national leagues for network mode.
  • Challenge your friends: Local hot seat multiplayer mode for 2 or 3 players.
  • Lead your home country: National network leagues in over 70 countries.
"A work of art: DrawRace invents a new style of racing that fits iPhone beautifully, bringing intuitive control and connectivity together in one fun ride. A simple innovation gives DrawRace enormous appeal, transforming a plain racing game into connected, intuitively controlled fun."
   –Pocket Gamer
"DrawRace stands out with its great graphics, sound, replay value, and a unique concept. You will definitely get your dollar's worth with this one." "Instant classic takes advantage of the iPhone's touch screen."
"DrawRace has one of the most innovative designs in the iPhone/iPod Touch world. It has a large amount of tracks, each of which requires a different strategy to win, and overall it is just a ton of fun to play. I love to see games that use new ideas come out on the AppStore and do well. Buy this version now for $.99 and support innovation and at the same time have a ton of finger-tracing fun."
   –iPhone Gamer Blog

Platforms iPhone


Developer: RedLynx

Publisher: RedLynx

Game Status: Out Now!

Release Date: June 29, 2009

No. of Players: 1-3