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Hello Trials Riders!


We've just released update 7 for Trials Frontier on iOS. 7 new superhero outfits, 44 new missions and 14 new tracks... this is one of the largest updates for Trials Frontier yet! We'll jump into the full list of what's new, but first, a special video message from ANBA (Antti Ilvessuo) Creative Director, and resident Mad Genius here at RedLynx.


Special outfits with superpower. Update 7 will give access to 7 new superpower outfits listed below. The outfits with special powers can either be earned for free by completing the required tasks or by purchasing them with gems. The price of each outfit piece has a base cost and a minimum cost.

  • The Rebel : Increase XP reward when racing by 10%.
  • The Priest : Increases gem reward payout when landing on loot wheel.
  • The Enforcer : Increases impact on loot wheel by 15%.
  • The Goon : 50% more coins per checkpoint when racing.
  • The Cyberpunk : Reduce Slot Machine cool down by 20%.
  • The Platinum Knight : Improve Fuel Regeneration Rate By 33%.
  • The Cyborg : Improve bike upgrade wait times by 10%.

New $9,99 bundle. The update introduces a new Butch Bashing Bundle that contains special outfit The Goon+ 400,000 coins + 500 gems for 8.99€ or 9.99$. The offer is unlocked after playing the mission ‘LOOKOUT POINT’ and will run for 72hrs once unlocked. The pop-up will reappear after 24, 48 and 72 hrs.

New world map with dynamic lines between tracks. All the visible tracks on the map are now connected with a dotted line, with a corresponding color for each tier of tracks. Green = Tier 1; Yellow = Tier 2; Orange = Tier 3 . The line appears between tracks as new tracks are discovered.

Red badge button for bike upgrades and slot machine. The app icon now has the red notification marker that indicates if the player has completed any bike upgrades or if the slot machine is ready to be used. Only displays bike upgrades that take more than 1 minute to complete, so the very first tier 1 upgrades do not appear here. The number in the red badge should indicate the actual amount of notifications, e.g. three completed bike upgrades should display the number 3.

Crafting items as rewards in Robotman. In addition to gaining coins and XP for completing Robotman missions, the player can now also gain crafting items from the missions.

Replacing ghost silhouette. Ghost silhouette now shows the rider's outfit when raced against the ghost of that player. In-game ghosts will not have the new silhouette.

New spray cans in the garage. The garage now has a new UI for selecting the spray cans for the bikes. The new UI can be seen on the upper right hand side of the screen.

New victory screen. When racing against another player's ghost, the result screen now displays both of the players with their equipped outfits standing on both sides of the screen.

44 New missions and 14 new tracks:

  • Mirella candy missions. In the new Mirella missions the player must collect candies that are placed in various tracks. These candies can be hidden or otherwise tricky to get. To collect the candy the player must touch it. It doesn't matter if the player crashes after touching the candy, it still counts as collected. There are 27 candy missions available with Update 7.
  • Ghost Missions: The ghost missions task the player with getting bronze, silver and gold medals on all of the hardcore pack tracks.

Skipping bike update timers. The new update provides players with the option to complete the ongoing bike upgrade via the pre-race screen. The players can complete the task by spending required diamonds.

Bug Fixes

  • WASP got replaced with 8 ball skin, the 8 ball skin is not present in the game.
  • Slot machine graphics unavailable after the race is complete.
  • Three unlocked swamp tracks were locked again for players.
  • Upgrade fitting when in offline mode FREEZES the game.
  • Fuel purchase amount gets changed after purchasing Starter packs.


We're not done expanding on Trials Frontier. We have more exciting things planned for future updates. To stay up-to-date on everything Frontier related by bookmarking our forum, following us on Twitter, and throwing us your like on Facebook.

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Empire of the Sky is out now for all Trials Fusion players! No matter which of the 4 platforms you play on, PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One or Xbox 360, you can now get your hands on brand new content for Trials Fusion. Empire of the Sky is available as a digital download for $4.99, or for free for Season Pass holders, and is the second installment of six DLCs that will be coming in Trials Fusion in the first year.


Empire of the Sky brings you 6 new Classic Trials tracks with 18 new track challenges, 1 new supercross track, a new skill game, and a high flying FMX track. There is also a ton of new Empire of the Sky editor pieces for our amazing track building community, as well as new achievements and trophies for the achievement hunters out there. New Squirrels and secrets await you in the clouds.



Specifics? Yeah, we've got those;


Five new achievements/trophies

250 Gamer Score on Xbox One
100 Gamer Score on Xbox 360
Two Silver, Two Bronze, and One Gold Trophy on PlayStation 4


Nine exciting new tracks, including:

Six Classic Trials Tracks
One new Supercross (local multiplayer) track
One new Skill Game "Freefall"
One new FMX Track, "High Society"


Eighteen new Track Challenges

Each Classic Trials Track features three surprising Track Challenges

Track Challenges range from secret locations to surprising mini-games, such as:

Crash the dinner party
Skydive with the Penguins!
Please the Paparazzi!


Dozens of new Editor Objects, including:

Anti-gravity technology
Resort homes
Force fields
Floating platforms


There are 4 more DLC packs planned for Trials Fusion's first season. Keep your eyes open, as you never know when we'll be putting out more Trials Fusion information. Until then, we'll see you on the leaderboards.

We frequently talk about the great level design or amazing physics engine in Trials Fusion, but another part of the game that maybe doesn't get as much credit as it ought to are the beautiful visuals that make up the Trials world.


After all, it can be hard to concentrate on lovingly detailed scenery when you are hanging on to a ramp for dear life, but if you've ever opened up the editor and explored the world and its objects a bit, then you are probably already familiar with the impressive depth and care that went into making each part of the game.


Every visual you see in the game goes through a long process, beginning with game and level designers brainstorming ideas and ending up with 3D modelling and texturing as those ideas are put into the game engine.


But one important step along that way is the concept art phase, where the design team gets to see how their ideas will look before they get fully implemented into the game. And indeed, a lot of the ideas for the look and feel of the world behind Trials Fusion first comes to life in the imaginations of our team of talented concept artists.


We have a number of excellent artists here at RedLynx, but today we are going to look at some of the concept art from just one artist, Vaidas Bagonas, who has been here at RedLynx for two years now.


As you can tell from these thumbnails, Bagonas is a talented artist who really helped create the clean, futuristic look of the Trials Fusion game and some of its many bikes, building set objects, rider gear, and backgrounds.


Please enjoy this Trials Fusion concept art and feel free to share these amazing visuals on Facebook with your friends.





August 1, 2014: Twice a year, all of Finland's biggest gaming geeks congregate in Helsinki for the Assembly convention. Originally a demo coding scene, it has morphed into a celebration of all things geeky and gaming, celebrating the art, code and games. So of course RedLynx is there!


This year we have a large booth in the middle of the floor. Be sure to tune in for our special Assembly Edition Live Stream, as affable hosts Cannibal Shogun and the Blue Badger will be broadcasting right from the show floor. Or come by anytime between now and the end of Saturday to play Trials Fusion, meet the devs, and pick up great goodie bags.


More information on Assembly including directions and ticket information can be found here.


See you there!

Rev up your engines, Riders of the Rustlands is now available!


Box ArtIt’s time to continue your journey of racing dominance on the leader boards by venturing out into fringes of civilization, leaving the cityscapes and high-tech regions in

your dust. In the Rustlands, you will encounter the home of people who have been ignored and forgotten by their government, people forced to scavenge

through the shambles of once-thriving facilities in an effort to survive outside of the gleaming high-rises and vast cities. Warring factions, neglected laboratories and tetanus boosters are a way of life in the Rustlands.



Riders of the Rustlands brings ten new tracks to Trial

s Fusion, adding six medium-and-up difficulty classic Trials Tracks, two Supercross Tracks, one Skill Game, and one FMX Track. There are also 18 Track Challenges, with new secret locations, and additional squirrels to be discovered, as well as 5 new achievements to earn. Track creators will find a nice selection of new Rustlands pieces in the Track Editor to use in their custom content.


You can pick up the Riders of the Rustlands DLC for $4.99, or purchase the Season Pass for $19.99 and secure all six downloadable content packs that will be available over the next year at a savings of over 30%.



With over one million players, Trials Fusion continues to gain traction as riders strive for perfection and leader board

position on each course. The team at RedLynx Studios has no plan to slow down; five more downloadable content packs are being created including Empire of the Sky, the next piece of DLC set in floating islands coming in August, as well as free

Feature Pack updates coming throughout the year that

introduce exciting new features to the game.


For the latest on Trials Fusion, visit Trials on the web, follow @TrialsGames on Twitter, Trials Official on Facebook, and catch the official live streams on Twitch.



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