RTX-2013It was hot, humid, and pretty awesome.


I recently had the chance to visit Austin, TX in order to hang out with the Achievement Hunter crew in their RTX lounge, as well as show Trials Evolution to both long-time Trials fans, as well as people who may not have previously had a chance to play. Either way, fans both old and new, as well as spectators, had a blast doing face-first human-darts off of their bikes and into the ground, usually not on purpose.

WOTN - Many Tries


Approximately 10,000 people packed themselves into the Austin Convention Center between the 5th and 7th of July, which is a massive increase from the roughly 500 attendees they had the first year (which was only in 2011!).


Situated right beside Assassin's Creed IV and ShootMania in the Achievement Hunter Lounge were 6 Trials Evolution stations running on the newly redesigned Xbox 360 with Razer Onza controllers. Players couldn't blame the hardware for their crashes... Well, they still blamed the hardware, but that doesn't mean they were correct.


For three days players came by the booth to try their luck at Trials, cursing or laughing at their own crashes, and talking loads of smack on their friends. It's always fun to see people enjoying themselves in Trials, and each day of RTX was full of racing, laughter, and even the occasional challenge.


There was even a familiar face or two from the community. Thank you to everyone who stopped by, and please enjoy some pictures from the event:


Playing Trials!Overview


   Even Assassins WaitKaliniuS

Fusion ArtIt was our biggest stage yet for a Trials game, and we couldn’t be more delighted with positive response from both press and fans alike! At the E3 2013 Ubisoft media briefing, we announced two new games – Trials Fusion and Trials Frontier – with our big surprise trailer. Now that the dust has settled, we’re back with some new details to share with you, particularly about Trials Fusion, which is the first Trials game to not only be multi-console but also next-gen!

Now, everything in our announcement trailer (below) is CGI pre-rendered footage, not actual gameplay. We have not yet released any in-game video or screenshots of Trials Fusion just yet – but stay tuned, it will be a treat!



We also revealed that the game will feature a physics-based freestyle motocross tricks system (FMX), and we really highlighted that in the trailer. But rest assured, we know what makes Trials tick and what the fans want, and the FMX system is not a replacement for the core Trials gameplay, but an enhancement – much like when we added the multiplayer Supercross feature to Trials Evolution.


Trials Fusion - New Announce Details


Another key feature of the new game is its breathtaking futuristic setting. Our earliest Trials games have been set primarily in darkened warehouses. Later, with Trials Evolution we threw outdoor environments and gorgeous landscapes into the mix. We definitely still have all that with Trials Fusion, but this time around we are going for a more unified look and feel for the game, to put you into a competitive state of mind as you race through this futuristic landscape.


Don’t worry though, there will be a ton of environments and terrains to explore, and of course trademark wild finishes will make a return for each track. The same goes with the level editor, which will be bigger and better than ever, as well as many more ways to customize your bike and rider, share your accomplishments with friends, and compete and connect with other gamers – no matter which platform you choose.


Trials Fusion - New Announce Details


Trials Fusion will also be the biggest, most challenging Trials project we’ve ever undertaken. Our studio has increased dramatically in size over the last year and a half, and for these projects we’re also getting help from a number of Ubisoft studios, particularly Ubisoft Shanghai.


So stay tuned! There’s plenty more information to share, and plenty of other exciting features that will be revealed on the road ahead.


Ride on, and we’ll see you on the leaderboards!

Trials FusionRiders! Just in case you haven’t heard we announced 2 new Trials games at E3 2013 during the Ubisoft Press Conference. We're really excited to be able to let you know what's coming, but for now I'm going to leave you with the following videos.

Here’s the reveal trailer for Trials Fusion and Trials Frontier.



Trials Fusion will be coming out for Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and PC in 2014.

Trials Frontier will be coming to smartphones and tablets in 2014.

For those who haven’t seen it, you can watch the full Ubisoft Press Conference, which includes the World Reveal for Trials Fusion and Trials Frontier, with info for many of the other upcoming Ubisoft titles.


We’ll have more info coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

You’ve had a shot to practice and now Track Central is hungry for your creations! PC track builders, now is your chance to get insane with the Trials Evolution Gold Edition level editor and take home some awesome swag for your efforts. Now is the time for the Trials Evolution Gold Edition’s Month of Motor Mayhem track building competition. A one month long quest for Trials Gold on Track Central for Trials Evolution Gold Edition!



One entry per person is allowed, multiple entries will be ineligible. Secondary versions, or “updates” to your original entry will not be viewed.


Team building is a great way to make amazing creations, but we ask that each participant builds solo (You don’t want to share those prizes!)


Any game mode is allowed. Skill games, Supercross Tracks, Trials courses, what you build is up to you.


Beginner through Hard tracks, please, no Extreme or Ninja tracks.


Tracks must be new creations posted to Trials Evolution: Gold Edition’s Track Central after the submission start date of 12:00am GMT of May 17th, 2013


To submit a track: Record a replay of your track and upload it to YouTube, then send an email with a link to your video, as well as your Track Name and Uplay Name, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Submission Start Date:  May 17th

Submission End Date:  June 17th

Winners announced:  June 28th


1st Place

1 Limited Edition Trials Evolution: Gold Edition Concept Art - Print – Signed

1 Trials T-Shirt

1 Trials Evolution: Gold Edition Gold Medal

Track featured on Track Central in Trials Evolution: Gold Edition


2nd Place:

1 Trials Evolution: Gold Edition Gold Medal

1 Trials T-Shirt

Track featured on Track Central in Trials Evolution: Gold Edition


3rd Place:

1 Trials Evolution: Gold Edition Gold Medal

Track featured on Track Central in Trials Evolution: Gold Edition


Frag DollsWant to win a trip to the Ubisoft Uplay Lounge during E3? Here's your chance!


Download the Trials Evolution Gold Edition Demo or full game now via Steam or Uplay and use the in-game export to YouTube feature to capture a golden moment to share with the world for your chance to attend Ubisoft’s Uplay Lounge during E3.



1] Download the Trials Evolution Gold Edition Demo or full game from Steam or Uplay  

2] “Go Race” in the Single-player Career

3] At the end of the race, choose “Share YouTube.”

4] Give your video a fancy title and complete the upload!

5] Fill out the entry form on this page and simply paste in the link to your gameplay clip.

6] Get your friends to vote! The video with the most votes wins the Grand Prize – a trip for the winner and a friend to visit the Uplay Lounge during E3 in LA!


The video with the most votes will win the Grand Prize – entry into Ubisoft’s exclusive Uplay Lounge – hotel and flight included – for the winner and a guest. The Frag Dolls will also select one runner up to attend the Uplay Lounge with a guest.


For full details, check out the Official Contest App on Facebook. Good Luck!

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