Muhhuhhahhahhaaa! Hold on to your brooms and pumpkins as Halloween is on its way, and so is Trials Live Stream! Join ShiftySamurai, CannibalShogun, BlueBadger and PixelKitsune on Friday, October 25th, as we’ll be having a special themed broadcast with all of us dressed up and scar… fancy. Trials Rider will also be venturing through some hallow landscapes.


We have a contest for you, dear Trials minions. The theme is: “What does the Trials Rider do during Halloween 2013?” Be creative; draw or take a picture, play with Photoshop, write a story or a poem, create a meme, make a song… Anything is fine. Post your creation/s on the forums by Friday, November 1st at 6 PM. The best ones will get prizes.

Trials Halloween 

What do age limits in games really stand for? Do games affect real life behavior? How can we deal with game addiction? Can playing games be considered a real hobby for adults? While the heated conversation about the pros and cons of gaming is going on, the Game Educator Network strives to advance positive and responsible gaming culture and further the public discussions related to it, as well as to prevent possible harms caused by playing games. The National Game Day is a part of the Nordic Game Day and is held during 4.11-10.11 in Finland. During the week people of all ages discuss and play games together, and the goal is to change prejudices about gaming into personal experiences.


This year RedLynx was chosen as the official protector of the event, and Trials XBLA will be played in the official tournament during the last day of the eventful week, on November 10th. The winner of the tournament will receive a next generation console (either PS4 or Xbox One ) and the players placing 2nd and 3rd will get games of their choosing.


More information about the Game Day as well as the Game Educator Network can be found here (in Finnish).


  Trials XBLA 

RedLynx is proud to announce the finalists for the first Trials World Championship tournament.

Xbox 360
End Of Assembly


All the riders in the Semi-Finals gave it their best and in the end we got four players from PC and Xbox 360. At the end of October total of eight players are heading to Paris Games Week where they will compete first against the best of their own platform, then the platform winners will then meet in the Grand Final and we will find out who's the best Trials rider of 2013

 TWC 2013 Bracket

The results are in. We announced the Trials World Championship 2013 back in early September, and the first round is now over. The Track Central Qualifications round was really tough, and only a fraction of a second could make or break someone’s chance of making it to the next round. From here on we’re going to have online matches where the top riders from each platform have to give their best, and the four best semi-finalists will get to go to Paris Game Week at the end of October to compete for the title of Trials World Champion!

Excited yet? We sure are!

                                                     Trials poster

Kotaku already wrote in their article about our clever player, MurdocLoch, solving an Easter egg behind Trials Evolution. However, that was only the beginning of a greater riddle that has had our curious explorers pondering at our forums. The song that MurdocLoch found was ran through a spectral analysis, which led IFTHISTHENTHAT to a discovery: It contained Morse code that led the players here: . -A page that contains a different riddle every day?

The plot is thickening. Can anyone solve the mystery behind all this?

It’s on!

                     Mystery box 

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