Aalto University in Finland is having a year-long lecture series about the games industry. On December 9th our CEO Tero Virtala was there in a panel, What is this indie anyhow?, talking about indie game studios and about the long road of RedLynx becoming an over a 100 person studio. There’s a lot of wisdom to be taken from a games company that has been around since the year 2000 for anyone thinking of making one of their own. You can watch the whole thing here.

                                     Games Now!-panel

Trials Frontier Screenshot 1


Designed for touch-based platforms, Trials Frontier combines the insanely addictive gameplay of Trials with the mobile knowhow of RedLynx, gained through such releases as DrawRace 2 and MotoHeroz.

Trials Frontier is available now, in soft launch, for players in Canada and Finland. This marks the first time that a RedLynx Trials game has been available on mobile devices. We are using this soft launch time to test and improve upon the game for the full global launch, taking place in 2014, so the version currently available is a beta and is not the final version.Trials Frontier 2


If you want to give us suggestions and feedback, then please head over to the new Trials Frontier forum


What are some of our current Frontier players saying?


"This game is freakin awesome! So much fun" - vladiiiiiiii 


"Super impressed by what I have seen so far." -


"This is awesome! It's so fun" - Monstified


"Omg omg omg omg" -


You can get Trials Frontier right now in the Canadian and Finnish iOS App Stores.



At Paris Games Week we had the finals of Trials World Championship 2013. Unfortunately some of our English speaking fans didn't get to catch the livestream hosted by Cannibal Shogun and yours truly. 

So me and Shogun decided to make a recap video of what happened at Paris Games Week. So if you missed TWC 2013 finals but would still want to watch it with some popcorn and soda here's what happened:

Shogun and BadgerHey Trials Builders, we’ve recently completed the final episode of New on RedLynx Picks. This episode caps off the series with a bang, as we start gearing up for the launch of Trials Fusion and Trials Frontier next year, we’re running out of time to create these videos.


There’s certainly not a lack of new tracks to choose from however, and we will of course continue to add Picks to the RedLynx Picks feeds in both Trials Evolution and Trials Evolution: Gold Edition. We are always looking for suggestions too, so if you find a great track be sure to let us know on this thread.


NRLP has been an insanely fun ride. After pitching the idea to Shogun, there were questions as to what kind of video quality we were hoping to produce on a weekly basis. It was a fair amount to do on top of our workloads but both Shogun and I thought that, while difficult, it would be doable.


After episode 10 we found more of a rhythm, what was taking a few hours each day for the full week was condensed down into approximately 4-6 hours total for an episode. This included video capturing, editing, audio leveling, and the all-important Voice Over.

 Working on the video

Looking back, the first few episodes did not include any kind of VO work, and it felt like something was missing. If it weren’t for Shogun “testing something” and getting that first VO (for Episode 4), then we may not have had the run that we did. The same thing goes for the “VS” episodes (Ep 5 & Ep 10). Out of all of the NRLP episodes, the VS episodes were the most time consuming, and the most AWESOME.


Will NRLP make a return? Probably at some point, even if it is only to give Shogun a chance to redeem himself against me in the Bushido Brawl. Just because we aren’t currently working on track videos does not mean that we don’t want to see YOUR track videos! Post them to this thread or hit us up on FaceBook or Twitter!


Shogun and I, as well as the full RedLynx crew, want to thank all of you, the Trials Riders & Builders, for giving us this much content to highlight. This series hasn’t been about us, it’s been about you. It’s been about what you can create and what you share with other players.


Thank you for the insane creations, and we'll see you on the leaderboards.


At Paris Games Week total of eight player from across the globe met in the small and big stage of ESWC.

Xbox 360 Semi-Finals 

First day of competing we got our four finalists, Jani “Xrotto” Kyllönen an Marc “The_Blaze_Jp” Simpson were the players qualified on PC. Aaron “End of Assembly” Finn and David “Daveyskills” Kelly were the players qualified on Xbox 360. Even if the players aren't right next to each other on the leaderboards it became clear that in a live event like this it still was anyone's game.

Crowd watching the finals at Paris Games Week 

First one to get eliminated was Daveyskills and in the next round The_Blaze_Jp. In the finals there was no room for error and a single mistake could drop you to the last place in matter of seconds. After two rounds there was two players left: End Of Assembly and Xrotto. Both players were pushed to their limits as the final round consisted only of Extreme tracks, the hardest tracks in Trials Evolution. End Of Assembly made few huge mistakes in the first few tracks and that allowed Xrotto to pull ahead quickly. 

In the end Xrotto took the final and was crowned the Trials World Champion 2013. End of Assembly was Second and The_Blaze_Jp was third.

Trials World Champion 2013 

It's been an awesome experience to show competitive side of Trials to the world. Maybe next year we can do this again! 


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