New interview! talks to part of the MotoHeroz team from RedLynx. Here's a snippet from the introduction:

I'm extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to interview the team behind upcoming racer, MotoHeroz. The fact is, I've been eagerly following the game since it was announced last year. I honestly feel this game is the quality racer WiiWare fans have been waiting for. And to help convince you, we've brought four members of the RedLynx team together to answer our many questions! If you haven't already put this game on your list of WiiWare games to watch, we're confident this Q&A will provide good reason as to why you should do so right away.

KS: Greetings, RedLynx team! Thanks so much for taking the time out to join us. Would you care to introduce yourselves to our readers?

Mikko: I'm Mikko Sarvela, lead programmer.
Konsta: And I am Konsta Kontunen, lead level designer.
Juhana: My name is Juhana Myllys, concept artist.
Antti Ilvessuo: I am Antti.

Read the whole thing here.

John Polson of Game, Set, Watch has spent some time with Antti Ilvessuo, talking about our upcoming games MotoHeroz and 1000 Heroz, for WiiWare and the iOS platform respectively. Here's how the article begins:


"RedLynx has had a busy life after 2009 XBLA hit Trials HD. The team has two big projects for 2011: racing platform game MotoHeroz for WiiWare and 1000 Heroz for the iOS. RedLynx is aiming for a late Q2 release for MotoHeroz and provides here several updates about its daily competitions, power ups, control, and overall design."


It goes on in some depth with MotoHeroz, talks about the connection between MotoHeroz and 1000 Heroz, and winds up with some interesting questions about RedLynx, including why we haven't done any strategy games lately.


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Bengt Lemne of Gamereactor caught up with Antti Ilvessuo at the recent GDC event to conduct a one-on-one interview about MotoHeroz. Watch the full video here, and be sure to take special note of our beautiful hotel suite in sunny downtown San Francisco. There's an amusing story behind the television set there, but we will save that one for another day. :)


Are you wondering what kind of power-ups will appear in the wacky world of MotoHeroz? Then the latest article on Nintendo Life is made for you. Here's a brief excerpt:


"What's a fun arcade racing game without power-ups? That's like a car without wheels. Of course, you can rest assured that in the weird, wacky world of MotoHeroz, there are power-ups a plenty to give you a wheel up on the competition.



Sticky Wheels

"What's the best way to drive yourself out of a sticky situation? With the patented Sticky Wheels power-up, of course. Activate this item and your buggy can stick to any slope, even drive upside down!"


Read the whole thing here.

motoheroz_small"If I don't know better, I would have assumed Nintendo itself made this little gem. It has the same focus, charm and addictive nature that so many Nintendo games have." That's what IGN's Richard George thought of MotoHeroz, which is headed to WiiWare this summer.


If you have a hankering for awesome games, MotoHeroz will scratch that itch. To ease the wait (and hopefully, the itching), we've gathered together all the best MotoHeroz info from around the internet.

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