Hello ladies and gentlemen! It’s not often that we get a chance to do a Developer Profile, but we happened across a video earlier this week that we thought was made by a community member, and it turns out that it was made by one of our very own developers.



Seriously though, I had three people email me the video and demand that I post it instantly, but I did the digging and found the creator, so… maybe now I get the last laugh. Heh.



Riku Lummi has been hard at work creating… stuff… at RedLynx, but he was awesome enough to set aside a few minutes to answer my questions. I really appreciate it, and I hope you awesome readers do as well. (I guess we’ll thank Jorma for letting him have a few minutes free as well. Thank you, Jorma!)



Anyhow, here is the video that set off the journey that led through the lands of the internets and circled all the way back to the office.



It’s ok, you can watch it again. When you are done, go ahead and continue reading for the interview.


How long have you been at RedLynx?

I just celebrated my 2 year anniversary at RedLynx by playing the song on piano. So yeah, 2 years.


What is your job at RedLynx?

Running around and being crazy, and sometimes doing UI programming.


What is your favorite part about working at RedLynx?

Being surrounded by great and beautiful people, and bringing joy to the fans that play our awesome games! …. Oh yeah! And Friday pulla*!


What is your leaderboard position in Trials Fusion?

In my leaderboard – I’m the first! Of course! Just kidding. I guess… somewhere on the …yeah, I have no idea.


When did you start playing piano?

Since I was a little gurl (French accent)! I started playing piano at 7 years old, but because I stopped for 15 years, we could say that I play piano for 6 years now.


Why did you decide to create a piano cover of Welcome to the Future?

It’s funny, but it all started as a joke and then I’d been challenged to make the cover. To be honest, I always wanted to play it… but the challenge did not stop there… so I had to post it on Youtube and I am really glad I did it and that people like it. So, I have to give some credit also to my friend Diana who challenged me.


Did you know that people were already demanding a longer version of your video less than 2 hours after you uploaded the original?

Wow… I had no idea about this… Another challenge? Ok then… challenge accepted.


Are you going to listen to the cries and pleas from your fans and upload a longer version (hopefully with Antti & his Duck Choir on vocals)?

No need for cries and pleas… I would love to do it! Especially with Antti and his choir, so that people won’t be worried.


Have you yet wrestled Antti Ilvessuo on the yellow mat of doom?

Not yet! But I have asked Antti to wrestle me. Maybe he is afraid, I did study judo for 4 years… haaaa yaaaa


Is there anything you would like to tell your thousands of adoring fans?

Thousands? Well, I am really happy I could bring some joy with the cover I made, and I will make a longer version if it makes you happy. Stay in school, be awesome and have fun! Regret nohing!


Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, Riku!

Thank you for this opportunity and thanks for your patience.



Can we all show Riku a little love over on the fourms? That’s all the time we have for this Developer Profile, but you never know when we might ambush another RedLynx Dev with a game of Urgent 20 Questions.




*a meeting/party of good times and friendship.

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