Parkour News ImageWe’ve seen voxel-styled world building games. We’ve seen color puzzle cubes. We’ve seen FPS target ranges. There are some people out there who like to challenge the Trials Editor by making things so advanced that it leaves me scratching my head.

This is another one of those situations.

In a mind-blowing show of editor prowess the LORDS of FtRING just went out and released a first person parkour skill game on Xbox One. I’ve been doing a little bit of digging, and it shouldn’t be all too surprising that one of the builders is none other than DragonMICKY from the inaugural Trials Fusion Track Jam pool of Finalists. Finalist might not be the accurate word as this French Trials Community member took the title of Track Jam Champion home with him.

To make a long story a bit shorter; DragonMICKY has proven his wicked editor chops.

Bubbakhar Tower features some amazing use of editor logic and decoration, as well as 3D platforming gameplay. That’s not something we often need to talk about with Trials Fusion custom tracks. DragonMICKY has bent the editor to his will in creating a transversal system that allows for regular ”walking” movement, but also includes running, crouching, sliding, jumping and 180 quick turns.

I fired off an email to DragonMICKY, and I appreciate his response after seeing how busy he is.

Did you create it alone, or did the other builders on the LORDS of FtRING team help out?
I was alone, but it won’t be the case in the future. There is just some crafted objects that I took here and there from other tracks.

This is crazy good, how long did you work on this?
The only people who helped me to build that was the RedLynx staff by adding the FPS example in Trials Evolution. So I'm working on a FP prog since a long time. I've made a track on Evolution called "wanna get high?" that is nearly the same of “Bubbakhar Tower” and went unnoticed. I start again from zero on Fusion and I tried to fix the most of the issues I have. How much time? I don't know. We can speak about hundreds hours spread along the 2 last years.

What inspired you to create this type of level?
This level is based on Mirror's Edge gameplay and Assassin's Creed map design. I know you like music, The Cell from C2C is the song I listen the most building this level.

Was it a challenge creating the parkour system you use in the skill game?
Yes, it was a challenge cause when I discovered the FPS example in Evolution I told myself "I can create a real game!!!". It’s harder and longer than I expected but I still think that it is possible. I tried Unity and 3D modelling and other softs like that. I always came back on Trials Editor because it was the better compromise between the time spent on it, my knowledge of the editor, the quality of the finished game and the ability to make people play my creations on a console.


You mentioned in the Ubisoft forum thread that you were working on adding features to a new version, when do you think I should expect that to come out?
I've got to stop for a moment cause I'm getting married and then I’m lucky to go 15 days in Bali, Indonesia. I come back early July and then I will try to go farther as I said on the forum. If you want to know more precisely, I can tell you that there will be slide on slopes, horizontal climbing and it will not be a real wall-running but a kind of double jump on specific walls.

To build levels I will try to federate who wants to come from the people who got access of the LORDS of FtRING account: Attila, THDTE, CSCSCS2, Macorenzy, kalimoro, kronenb, katin and tekiplow. I'm recently in contact with Nova Dark Storm, he's by far the first on leaderboard. He seems very interested by testing and working on running lines...

Anyway, the fun part is now. Gameplay is ready and just need some fixes and improvements. Everything is possible: Shooting, parkour, puzzle, horror, disaster situation, etc... I think we will create some levels to make my features comfortable with the prog and the new habits of level design. And then, if we are all agreeing, I think about a series of "tracks" to create a kind of season.


I would like to again thank DragonMICKY for taking the time to respond to my inquiries.

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