We frequently talk about the great level design or amazing physics engine in Trials Fusion, but another part of the game that maybe doesn't get as much credit as it ought to are the beautiful visuals that make up the Trials world.


After all, it can be hard to concentrate on lovingly detailed scenery when you are hanging on to a ramp for dear life, but if you've ever opened up the editor and explored the world and its objects a bit, then you are probably already familiar with the impressive depth and care that went into making each part of the game.


Every visual you see in the game goes through a long process, beginning with game and level designers brainstorming ideas and ending up with 3D modelling and texturing as those ideas are put into the game engine.


But one important step along that way is the concept art phase, where the design team gets to see how their ideas will look before they get fully implemented into the game. And indeed, a lot of the ideas for the look and feel of the world behind Trials Fusion first comes to life in the imaginations of our team of talented concept artists.


We have a number of excellent artists here at RedLynx, but today we are going to look at some of the concept art from just one artist, Vaidas Bagonas, who has been here at RedLynx for two years now.


As you can tell from these thumbnails, Bagonas is a talented artist who really helped create the clean, futuristic look of the Trials Fusion game and some of its many bikes, building set objects, rider gear, and backgrounds.


Please enjoy this Trials Fusion concept art and feel free to share these amazing visuals on Facebook with your friends.



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