Sometimes popping "The Question" to your loved one can be an intimidating thing. Trying to find a romantic and exciting way to do it can be a bit harder to do.

1000 Heroz player, and Redlynx Forum member, Peter (mace999), had an interesting idea. He proposed through the Redlynx iOS game 1000 Heroz, with a little help from the Redlynx Dev Team.

A little over a year and a half ago Peter met Ying while he was teaching English to Adults in Bangkok, Thailand. While talking, Peter learned that Ying was a hardcore gamer, and actually owns a gaming shop.



Peter met a beautiful, intelligent, gamer. He couldn't let her go! But because of fraternization rules at the school they didn't actively pursue a romantic relationship until she had finished her studies. Peter describes a typical post-school date:

"We went out which usually ended in her coming back to my house to play video games together. I was in heaven."

This wasn't the first proposal Peter had made to Ying. In Peter's words: "By chance both of our families were in town one weekend. I am English and she is Thai, so at the very last minute we decided to get engaged. It was very rushed and didn't feel special. I promised her, and myself, that I would do it again and make it special this time.

For 2 months I have been racking my brain to find out what I could do that will be personal to us both and then it clicked. 1000 Heroz. We play together everyday and always make jokes about who can go the fastest. Actually one of the reasons she bought an iPhone was because she wanted to battle against me on 1000 Heroz. We used to take turns on my iPhone before that.

So I thought of the idea for maybe a small banner in a race or something, or maybe just some small text that might pop up in the game. I didn't think that any game company would agree to do it but what did I have to lose? I was already a member of RedLynx forum, I joined so I could read and hopefully get tips on how to beat Ying.

(Peter laughs.)

Anyway I put my message on the forum and hoped for the best and I was amazed at the response. Everyone was so nice and the Redlynx team came through like I never thought they would."

Peter posted on Sunday, Jan. 8th, and the next day Jonte at Redlynx responded with some ideas, suggestions, and a willingness to help Peter ask one of the most important questions of his life. Redlynx moved quickly, and on Thursday, January 12th, they were prepared to assist in Peter's proposal.

Peter was waiting all day Thursday for the new 1000 Heroz track to become available through the 1 Track a Day play-style. Peter made a comment about how Ying did not enjoy the cannons in the game, and Redlynx even took care of that, specifically using a level that didn't include them so that Ying would be in the best possible mood.

"Luckily Ying had waited for me at my condo on Thursday night, as I finish work at 9:30pm, so we watched a movie at home and I managed to keep her at the condo until 1am, when she had to go home. I suggested just 1 game of 1000 Heroz to see who could get the best first run score.

"I fell down a hole first run, and she kept hitting restart trying to get a perfect run, I was getting frustated because I wanted to see the end of the race so I finally said 'just finish the race.' " Peter laughs again. "Finally she did and saw the banner."

"It took about 5 seconds for it to hit her and then she was in tears and just asking 'How?' It was a really sweet moment and we are both so happy with Redlynx for doing this."

Redlynx has included a surprise banner in the game today, letting all of the players know the outcome of "The Question".

Here's a picture of the Heroz Couple!


Peter and Ying are planning to get married in March., Redlynx, and both of the communities wish them the best. More on 1000 Heroz can be found here.

-- Shifty Samurai

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