Welcome to the RedLynx Arcade


Over the years, we have produced more than 100 games on numerous platforms. Some of the games are available online for free, and we've done our best to gather a collection of those titles on this page.


If you like a game, feel free to post it on your own website, using the EMBED codes available on each game page.

The more people play our games, the happier we get. And as we get happier, our games get even better.


A totally new and compelling way to race: draw your racing line and speed. The faster you move your mouse, the faster your car will go. Draw your line and watch your car race!
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Trials 2
Here's a flash version of Trials 2: Second Edition, containing five tracks ranging from easy to tricky. Rev your bike and hit the course, but remember to strap your helmet on tight!
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Monster Trucks Nitro II
Live out your fantasy with Monster Trucks Nitro II as you drive big-engine, 4-wheel drive beasts over enormous obstacle courses. The flash version of the game contains eight tracks.
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Monster Trucks Nitro
The original Monster Trucks Nitro experience offers you eight challenges on various obstacle courses. Test your racing skills in events like long jump, high jump and time trial!
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Red Bug's Puzzle
Little Red Bug is lost, and it’s your duty to guide him safely home. Collect berries, but beware of beetles!
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Trial Bike
The game that started the phenomenon. Take your Trials bike across a set of various obstacles.
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Mountain Heights
A scenic Trials ride across beautiful mountain vistas. Don't forget to pack your helmet, though.
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Construction Yard
Trials in a construction yard, oh my! What could possibly go wrong? The game includes an extensive tutorial.
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Dynamite Tumble
The idea of Trials Dynamite Tumble is to cause as much bodily harm to the rider as you possibly can.
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A set of language-based puzzle games against real people around the world. Do you have what it takes?
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