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South Park:
Phone Destroyer™

Fight epic real-time PvP battles and experience a hilarious single player story developed in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios!

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South Park:
Phone Destroyer™

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We are artists, nerds, geniuses, nerd geniuses and many other character classes working and playing in the studio every day. We are proud of the friendly atmosphere here and equally proud of our extended, worldwide, Ubisoft Family.

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RedLynx Family: From Level Designer to 3D Artist

Starting as a Level Designer, Ukko-Pekka now works at RedLynx as a 3D Artist on Mobile and Console projects.

RedLynx Family: leading a team as Associate Lead Programmer

A great Associate Lead Programmer has the ability to build trust in the team, says Raimo, who rocks the position at RedLynx.

RedLynx Family: Starting a career in the games industry

Kimmo thinks that his work at RedLynx is a perfect mix of what he does professionally as a BI Analyst and being part of the wonderful world of game making.

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